Backstage Massage for Musicians

Nice to meet you!


Howdy Folks! 🤠

I'm Kaja Quinn
From Skeletal Harmonics 

Forearm pain plagued me as a sax player, and as a Musculoskeletal Therapist I can say it’s come up for the majority of my musician clients over the last decade and a half, without a doubt. Whether you get just a small niggle, occasional RSI symptoms, or you've been completely taken out of the game, you are in the right place. 

I still can’t believe I get to do this as a profession. Every day, helping musicians regain their ability to perform humbles me. I have an internal driving force to help performers not give up just because of an injury. I feel very strongly that the world needs to hear your creations and I won't let that not happen on my watch. 

I’ve had the privilege to have helped thousands of world class musicians, performing artists and their crew transform their personal and professional lives, on and off stage, across the globe. I have been able to do this via my backstage treatment clinics, with my whole team at music festivals, my private 1 to 1 sessions at my clinics, the venues or at the artists house or hotel, and my whole party touring packages as a live in therapist.

Branching into the online teaching community excites me and I'm ready to embrace the ability to be able to help you anywhere in the world at any time. And being a people person, I’m so pleased to now be extending my new offers to you via my online course, online coaching package and online 1 to 1 sessions. 

I can’t wait to work with you. Let's get you playing, performing and touring the way you were meant to.

Cheers Kaja ✌️

Ps. You can buy me a coffee any time you wish