Backstage Massage for Musicians

Unlock your tension with my unique fuse of musculoskeletal therapy, deep nurturing massage, and transformative shadow work. 

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Take a big deep breathe in... 

Aaaand out! Oh, that's better.

I now have online meditations and guidance for releasing grief and fear that gets stuck in our bodies and affects our pain levels and our performances. 

A breathing practice helps to encourage healthy playing, living and performing routines.  

You can move through this.  

Why hands on treatments work for professional performers... 


"Massage therapy acts as a soothing counterpoint to the adrenaline-fueled world of performing. It offers a haven where the body's heightened state of arousal can find equilibrium, allowing performers to manage their adrenaline levels more effectively. Through skillful touch, massage helps release tension and restore balance, helping musicians navigate the intricate dance between exhilaration and relaxation on stage."

Kaja Quinn on the importance of backstage massage 

🔒 Your Trust is Paramount:

At Skeletal Harmonics, we hold the upmost respect for your privacy and confidentiality. We understand that artists' lives are multifaceted, often intertwining personal and professional matters. Rest assured that when you choose to work with us, your trust is our priority. Non-disclosure Agreements are no worry here. 

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🎶 Elevate Your Performance

Unlock Your Potential: Harness the power of a relaxed body and mind to elevate your musical performance. Whether you're a touring musician, an aspiring artist, or a seasoned performer, my proven methods will empower you to master your instrument, conquer stage anxiety, and deliver exceptional performances (almost) every time.


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The Musicians Forearm Fix Course

🎸 Introducing The Musicians Forearm Fix Course: A 6-week intensive coaching program meticulously designed to address and prevent forearm injuries, optimize your playing technique, and enhance your musical endurance.

Learn practical strategies, effective warm-ups, and smart rehabilitation practices to ensure you play pain-free and perform at your peak.


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Engaging Speaker and Advocate

🎤 Book Me to Speak: As a down to earth and natural speaker on performing arts medicine, I offer engaging and transformative talks, workshops, and masterclasses. Equip your team with invaluable insights into injury prevention, mindfulness, and optimizing physical performance for long-lasting success in the music industry.

Drawing from my expertise and extensive research in the field, my presentations offer a captivating blend of practical advice and scientific knowledge. From conferences to podcasts, my speaking engagements empower artists, crew members, and industry professionals to make informed choices that amplify their well-being and impact.


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On-Tour Wellness and Support

🚌 ✈️🛸 Touring? Stay at Your Best:
As a trusted member of top-tier touring acts, I bring backstage massage therapy directly to you. Relieve tension, reduce injury risks, make more money and maintain optimal performance throughout your tour with me on your team. Your crew, principal artists, band and dancers will benefit from on-the-road support that enhances well-being and maximizes profits.

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Inspiring Blog (and Podcast coming soon) 

📚 Dive Into Resources: Explore my insightful blog posts, packed with research-backed advice, success stories, and expert interviews.

Tune in to my podcast, where I delve into the world of musicians' well-being, sharing actionable strategies to overcome challenges, increase resilience, and foster a thriving musical career.

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Personalized Treatments

🌟 Experience Bliss in Brisbane to Byron Bay:
Join me for personalized musculoskeletal therapy sessions that cater to your unique needs. From relaxation to recovery, I offer comprehensive treatments to help you unleash your full potential and enjoy a pain-free, fulfilling musical journey.


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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I'm Kaja, a Musculoskeletal Therapist, Speaker, and Advocate for Musicians' Well-being and Injury prevention.

I know you are a dedicated musician, performer or creative committed to achieving peak performance and longevity in your artistry. If you need some extra support - Look no further. 

With over 17 years of experience working hands on with musicians, performers and their crew, I have a deep understanding of the unique challenges the performing arts industry face physically, I'm here to guide you on a journey of holistic health, artistic excellence, and lasting success.


Let's get you playing and moving pain free and prevent all those repetitive strain injuries everyone else gets.  

I've witnessed personally the transformative power of prioritising well-being while touring on over 1000 shows. My mission is to empower you to unleash your true potential, enhance your performance, and navigate the complexities of a life on and off the stage.

More about me

Join the musicians forearm fix course

A self paced 6 module online course made for musicians to regain optimal movements in your arms back so you can play like a pro!

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"Unlock your limitless musical potential and bid farewell to forearm pain – join the Musicians Forearm Fix course today!" 


6 Module Course


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  • corrective exercises 
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6 Module Online Course + 6 Month 1 to 1 Online Coaching Sessions


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  • corrective exercises 
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