Backstage Massage for Musicians

Organisations and Associations that provide support to the crew, roadies, support staff and techs in the field of Performing Arts Medicine world wide

Sep 05, 2023

These associations and organizations play a crucial role in providing support, resources, and connections for the crew, support staff, and technical professionals who contribute to the success of the performing arts industry. Whether it's financial assistance, well-being resources, networking opportunities, or advocacy, these organizations ensure that the backstage and behind-the-scenes professionals receive the support they need to thrive in their roles.

  1. Behind the Scenes (USA):

    • Behind the Scenes provides financial support to entertainment technology professionals in times of need.
  2. Technical Entertainment Charity Krew (TECHKREW) (Australia):

    • TECHKREW offers financial support and resources for technical professionals in the entertainment industry.
  3. Production Services Association (PSA) (UK):

    • PSA supports technicians, freelancers, and professionals in the live event production industry.
  4. Theatrical Guild (UK):

    • The Theatrical Guild provides welfare support to backstage and front-of-house workers in the entertainment industry.
  5. Stage Management Association (SMA) (UK):

    • SMA supports stage managers and those in related roles by providing resources and networking opportunities.
  6. Australian Production Managers Association (APMA):

    • APMA supports production managers and industry professionals in Australia's live event sector.
  7. The Events Industry Benevolent Fund (UK):

    • This fund provides financial and emotional support for individuals in the events industry.
  8. Technical Theatre Bursary Scheme (UK):

    • The scheme provides financial assistance and bursaries to students pursuing technical theatre careers.
  9. The Touring Network (UK):

    • The Touring Network supports remote and rural touring by offering resources and connections.
  10. Roadies of Color United International (ROC United):

    • ROC United focuses on the welfare and advancement of roadies of color in the entertainment industry.
  11. The Production Services Association (PSA) (Australia):

    • PSA Australia provides resources, support, and networking opportunities for production professionals.
  12. Event Well (UK):

    • Event Well offers well-being and mental health support for professionals in the events industry.
  13. The Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation (SDCF) (USA):

    • SDCF provides resources and support for stage directors and choreographers.
  14. United Kingdom Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (UKIC):

    • UKIC supports conservators, technicians, and other professionals working in the preservation of cultural heritage.
  15. Backstage Trust (UK):

    • Backstage Trust supports backstage professionals in the theatre and entertainment industry.
  16. Australian Entertainment Industry Association (AEIA):

    • AEIA provides advocacy, resources, and support for those working in the entertainment industry in Australia.
  17. The Costume Society (UK):

    • The Costume Society supports costume professionals and enthusiasts through education and resources.
  18. United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT):

    • USITT connects and supports professionals in various areas of live entertainment technology.
  19. The Event Production Show (UK):

    • This event provides resources and networking opportunities for event production professionals.
  20. International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) (USA and Canada):

    • IATSE represents backstage and technical workers in the entertainment industry and offers various resources.

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